Monday, January 07, 2013

Who Needs Spring Cleaning When You've Got a Mom?

My mother-in-law is here right now.  She is no longer sick.  It is pretty sad that she comes to visit and we get her sick.  Today she has been cleaning and mending and organizing.  She organized my linen closet and did all the laundry in the house and mended the boy's blankets that had holes in them.  She cleans things for me that I never get to.  It's Spring Cleaning a few months early.  I think sometimes she worries that it will offend me but I love it.

My mom did something similar when she came to visit the month after Laila died.  I wrote about her visit here.  We cleaned and organized and did projects.

I was thinking today that I don't ever have to do spring cleaning as long as I pretend to have some big event occur in our family each year.  Then one of our mom's will come visit and do all the cleaning for me.


The Duke said...

Well, let's see -- 6 months? Twice a year should be good for a thorough house cleaning. I'll have to see what I can plan to do your next deep cleaning. :)
I'm glad Carol is able to be there and help get things organized. It takes a lot of burden off your shoulders after giving birth, dealing with your wisdom teeth and then all the sickness.

Michelle said...

How nice for you to have all that cleaning done. Glad she is there to help. I miss my Mom. Wish she could visit more often.