Saturday, March 28, 2020


Will is making origami lately.  I asked him to make some for his little cousins who had to be shipped to their grandparents house so they don't get the virus from their mom (she works on the COVID-19 floor at her hospital).  I am not quite sure how to get them to the girls without smooshing all the creations but if I can, I'd like to send them something to cheer them up.  He also taught the Elders in the ward how to make paper cranes.  We were going to donate a ton of origami creations to a women's shelter or something like that for Laila's birthday.  I was trying to think of a way to use Will's talents and when we sent a yoda to our friend at the eating disorder clinic here in Denver, she loved it and it cheered her up so I thought maybe we could do the same thing for Laila's birthday.  Anway, not sure what we will do now but the Elders in the ward (2 sets) are bored out of their minds right now and having a hard time so they've asked for any service opportunities they can find without going into homes.  We decided to have Will teach them origami so they could either donate to our bunch or use to write messages on to give to people.  I think they are doing a 12 days of conference countdown and using the cranes for that or something.  Anyway, we dropped off paper on their porch and they video chatted with them while Will demonstrated how to make the cranes.  

Nature Walks

I love hiking and I love walks and I love being outside.  My family, not so much.  I think they are all fine with hikes once they are doing it but they never come to me and say, "I'd really love to go hiking!"  I always want to find new trails to explore and Mike always wants to do the same exact 3 mile walk in the neighborhood.  We compromise and go on our neighborhood walks together and then he humors me and we find a trail.  It is kind of annoying, actually.  Why don't they want to go find a new adventure?!  Hahaha.  I didn't drag the kids out for this trail, they all wanted to come, which was nice.  We passed people here and there but everyone kept their distance and we pretty much felt like we were alone.  

The new normal is quarantine.  It is a weird life we live right now.  I am sure it is less shocking of a change for us than a lot of people simply because my kids are home most of the time anyway.  I am not gonna lie, I am really missing the weekly (one day of the week!) break I get from my kids and the much needed date-nights.  Also the errands I pretend to have so I can escape my children when I need to.  I've had a few temper tantrums.  You don't need details about those...

The majority of these photos were taken earlier in the month, before we were forced by a crazy virus into lockdown.

Mike had a small procedure done at the hospital on the 12th of March.  It went well.  He is a really healthy person so it is weird to see him all hooked up to wires even if it isn't for anything serious.  He is always thrilled with the socks with texture on the bottom they give you at the hospital and apparently he wanted everyone to know he is an engineer.  I think he told multiple people that without them asking.  He can't remember saying anything and they all mentioned it and chuckled.  They said, "Oddly enough, all engineers make sure to tell us they are an engineer."  Hmm.

Piper was supposed to have a Science Fair in April at the school.  She wanted to do something with planes.  It isn't looking very likely that they will go back to school (maybe?  hopefully?) and if they do, I'm not sure if they will cancel the Science Fair or not.  Anyway, we decided to go ahead and do her project anyway and then if we find out they are going to have it we can make the poster and have the actual project part done.  I let Mike take the lead on this since he has to work from home now and he is good at Science and likes it.  She loved it.  I took pictures so she could have that for her poster.  

I decided to make the kids run.  They are not pleased with it.  As Will said to the dermatologist, "Do I look like a runner?"  We all laughed but no, he is not a runner.  They aren't running much but hopefully we can build up endurance and get them in better shape.  

Thursday, March 19, 2020


February and March have been filled with appointments--mostly dentist but some dermatology and eye appointments.  We all had dentist appointments but they couldn't get us in on the same day so I've made trips back and forth all month to get us all in for cleanings.  The dentist said Isaac needed four teeth pulled.  The day before one came out on his own but then after the appointment the dentist said he still pulled out four.  Apparently, another tooth was loose so he pulled that one out too.  He charged me for that loose tooth that he didn't say he would pull...Then, last week Isaac yanked out another tooth (and then he promptly gave Will the tooth fairy money for a birthday present).  So he lost nine teeth in a month.  I thought it was six but he just informed me it was nine.  He talks with a lisp now and has big gaps in his smile.  It is about time, honestly, because I can't remember the last time the tooth fairy visited him before this month.  

Piper has also lost a bunch of teeth this month.  She has the cutest gummy grin now.  I love it.  

The other boys' teeth are good but both Will and I have old fillings that have to be refilled.  It's obnoxious.  I feel like now I have to pay another dentist to fix the poor job I already paid a previous dentist for.  Oh well.  

Eli and Will finally got new glasses.  They have needed glasses for about a year.  I finally got us an eye doctor and they are happy to be wearing glasses that aren't crooked anymore. 

The girls--spa day and portraits

The girls woke up one morning begging me to let them do their fingernails.  I decided we would do a spa day so we put on masks and then Piper wanted to do all the nails so I let her paint our nails.