Sunday, February 18, 2018

Family Pictures

When Grandma and Grandpa Richards came to visit we had them snap a few pictures for us.  It was too early in the day and I had hoped to go to a different location but everyone just wanted to get it done quickly so we opted for the empty area at the front of the subdivision. Will has grown so much in this last year that none of his pants fit him anymore.  Grandma came to the rescue and had him try on some of her jeans and sure enough, they fit.  So, he's wearing Grandma's pants in our pictures.  It's strange for me to have him growing so big so fast. I noticed after uploading the pictures a perfect yellow heart-shaped leaf right above Will's head in the family pictures and it made me smile and made me think of Laila and think she found a perfect way to represent herself in our family picture. 

Banana River

Patrick Air Force Base is sandwiched between The Banana River and The Atlantic Ocean.  There is a walk-way on base that follows the river so I decided to go for a walk one morning without the kids.  Often when we drive over the causeway we see dolphins but on my walk I mostly saw birds.  The funny thing about my walk is that I got on base and went for my walk and then the next day came back on base to take the kids to the library and get some groceries at the commissary.  When I went to pay for my groceries the check out lady informed me that I couldn't buy my groceries because my I.D had expired.  Sure enough, it had expired--about two weeks before!  I'd been off and on base multiple times since it expired and never noticed and apparently, neither did the guards on base because they kept letting me through the gates!  I went and got Will from the van (who has a current ID) and had him pay for my groceries.  I've since gotten a new ID and it was painless and easy (much different than other times I've had to get a new ID).

New Years Eve with Lindsey

Lindsey and Hans came to visit for New Years Eve.  It was a quick trip but we packed it full with church, beach time, The Wetlands, Manatees, games, food, and playing.  I love how well my kids get along with their cousins.  They love having Lindsey's kids here and I love it too because there is no fighting and they just go off and play together.  I love living (semi)close to family!

Grandma and Grandpa Richards at the Beach

Grandma and Grandpa Richards came to visit us in January.  They came down to do some work on the rental home they own and then came to see us for a few days.  We mostly hung out at home but we took them to the beach, a park on Merritt Island, went to dinner, and showed them the Manatees.  Grandpa also took the boys and Mike to the movies and Grandma and I stayed home with the girls and got Sonic and colored with Piper.  The first part of the week was in the 80's but when they got to our house it had cooled down to the 60's so the beach really wasn't warm enough for swimming but Eli and Will still decided to give it a try.