Thursday, October 30, 2014

Capturing the non-napper

Piper is getting teeth which means she isn't really napping well and she isn't sleeping too well at night either.  She has had a fever off and on but nothing too high, just enough to knock her down a couple notches on the happiness scale and make her much more prone to tantrums.  It's been lovely.  

Anyway, she loves to be outside so we have spent time outside while the weather stays nice for just a little bit longer (it is supposed to rain/snow this weekend).  Being outside brings the most smiles from her out of any other activity.  I took my chance to let her play and take photos of her.  I don't have many of her sister so I like to take pictures of Piper when ever I can.  She is such a cute girl and I'm amazed she looked at the camera because she usually just turns her head or refuses to look towards me.  I think I was able to get some cute ones of her.  She is one month away from being two years old!  I just can't believe it.  She is so grown up now and talking up a storm.  I love her to pieces.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm not sure that I'll get pictures on Halloween so I snapped a few before the ward Trunk-or-Treat tonight.  It was an awesome Trunk-or-Treat on a farm with a hay ride, fire pit, good food, and good company.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cows, unicorns, Halloween things

Today has been an exhausting day.  I haven't even showered yet and it's already 10:30 at night.  It wasn't from a lack of desire to shower, I just haven't had the time!  Honestly, I don't think anyone cares too much about all the things that have needed to get done today.  I will say that Mike helped prepare the garage for the machine that should be coming in a week or two for our business.  I'm getting excited and nervous about it.  

This week Mike and I drove out to pick up some meat.  Our last order of beef was a 1/4 a cow and it took us over a year to finish.  We were actually trying hard to eat it all up before we moved.  We just don't eat a lot of red meat.  We all like it, we just don't usually eat it.  Anyway, we bought some more grass-fed, corn-finished beef.  This beef is much tastier than the grass-fed beef we bought last time.  The corn-finished part makes the beef less "beefy."  And now that I've written all that, I doubt anyone is interested in that either.  

The drive was so pretty.  We live in the country.  Well, in a sub-division in the country.  And we have a Target and a Walmart about ten minutes away.  But pretty much, we live in the country.  I guess you could call us a country-suburbs...we aren't quite country and aren't really suburban either.  I don't know what we are....

But the meat was all out in the country.  It was so pretty.  I'm glad I took my camera.  I had visions of living here on this hill in the country.  Only, in my perfect life I would not have to hassle with the bugs or humidity and I'd have a gas station, grocery store, and church building right down the street.

Also, we are a really strange family.  I saw this unicorn mask online when looking for Halloween decorations.  I debated for weeks about buying it.  It is so weird!  And so funny!

We have laughed all week because of it.  Mike's family showed him this bizarre youtube clip of a unicorn named Charlie and ever since then we have thought that our unicorn should be named Charlie.  Charlie has a twin, also named Charlie, who is visiting the bishop's family right now.  Charlie also has a facebook page where we post pictures of Charlie doing things with our family.  Hopefully the bishop's family will share the laughter by passing Charlie's twin, Charlie, on to another family in the ward, who will also post pictures of him doing things with them.

Here Charlie is trying on Will's costume--Banishing dark fairies since 2005!
Charlie plays basketball
and jumps on the trampoline
tries out Mike's cheese
and scares Piper.
And finally, we have been having fun doing fall activities.  Today our neighborhood had a trunk-or-treat and chili cook-off with games.  The kids had a good time.
Yesterday we went to a fun pumpkin patch with some friends!  It really was a great farm and the kids had so much fun.  We didn't go last year (and I don't think we went the year before either) so it was fun to go again.

We really enjoyed going with new friends (who all have lots of boys!).  The boys liked every part of the night and especially liked going through the maze.

These two red-heads are friends--just a few weeks apart.  They try to boss each other around and yell and scream at each other and take each other's things but they also like one another.  Hallie is more friendly than Piper...Piper just kind of looks at her and screams when she gets her things taken away.  
Like here, Hallie took Piper's sippy cup and Piper threw a fit.
I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Break

We just got back from Atlanta, my first time in Georgia.  The trip was supposed to take us 3 1/2 hrs.  We left here right around 4:20 and didn't pull into the hotel until 11:00 at night!  I guess there was a huge accident on the freeway and we got stuck in the craziest traffic and we didn't know the back roads well enough to get us around it.  We did get off on a back road that we thought would help us miss the traffic but it ended up being just as slow--a dead stop.  We turned around and tried to find somewhere to eat but the town was so small and all the restaurants were closed so we got back on the freeway.  The kids were starving and we all had to go to the bathroom when we finally started moving again.  It was 8:30 by then and we weren't even an hour from our house!  I'll admit, we were so close multiple times to throwing in the towel and going back home.  None of us slept well and Mike woke up in a foul mood and it all just seemed frustrating for a session at the temple.  But, we made it! We went to the temple, the company was great (we went with some friends), and we got home in 3 1/2 hrs.  I'm glad we stuck it out!
This week was fall break.  We only get two days of fall break here instead of the week we were used to in Colorado.  It was sunny for most of one of the days and poured rain the next day...and the next day...and the next.  It has rained a heck of a lot here the last two weeks.  And actually, it was beautiful weather for our trip to Atlanta and started raining once we got to Knoxville.  Anyway, my point in talking about the rain is that there wasn't really a lot to do for Fall break.  Mike had the GPS and I don't have a smartphone that tells me how to get places so I didn't really know where to take the kids.  I didn't want them playing the computer all day long for two days straight so I decided to throw an impromptu Halloween party.  My thought was just to have a few games that didn't require much work on my part and invite the neighbor boys.  When I told their mom my plan she jumped on board and decided to make goodie bags and mummy hotdogs and cupcakes.  It ended up being a fun party for the kids.  My part was the easy part--the games were pretty chill.  We played Halloween Charades, the Donut game (what is the real name?), and try to catch the "pumpkin" (really an orange balloon and a funnel).  I also contributed some witch broom pretzel treats and some banana ghosts but other than that, I didn't do much.

Earlier in the week on another raining day Eli and Jacob (one of the neighbor boys) decided to ride their bikes in the rain.  We are one house from the corner and around that corner is a very steep, long hill.  It's pretty hilly here in Knoxville, by the way.  The boys thought it would be awesome to take their bikes to the top of the hill and then ride down super fast.  At the bottom of the hill was a big puddle of water and Zach, the older neighbor boy, told Eli to turn to avoid the puddle so Eli turned last minute and crashed pretty good.  His elbow got all scraped up and he fell into the bike.  The handle bar jabbed into his armpit and he got a nice circle "tattoo."  It was pretty sad.  It probably wasn't the best idea and I should have told them "no" but right before the accident (they went down a few times) I heard them yelling "Whoohoo!  THIS IS AWESOME!"  So at least they got some good fun out of it before they fell.  (Jacob also fell but his wasn't as bad)