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Headache or no, life continues

While this month has not been one of great health for me, life has to continue on.  Eli and Mike decided out of the blue to take up blacksmithing.  In typical Mike style, if it has something to do with learning a skill, he will invest money in it.  He found a man in Denver who teaches blacksmithing and they go about once a week.  He also found some blacksmithing tools like a forge and an anvil and they spend about an hour a night in the garage together banging on metal.  I would probably spend that money on something like a trip to the beach but this is probably a better way for Mike to spend his time with Eli.  
The girls are continuing to take gymnastics.  They go once a week and are all split into tiny groups and have to wash hands between each station and no parents are allowed inside.  On Saturdays (just for four weeks this year) the girls are playing soccer.  We all skipped last week since we are all still sick but they have enjoyed the two weeks before and then will end this nex…

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