Thursday, November 16, 2017

So many appointments

No pictures today, just words.  Half of us are sick this week.  Sore throats, stuffy, sneezing, watery eyes.  When I wake up I don't want to adult but then I get up and I'm able to function.  I hope we get better before we head to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.

This week has been busy for us--basketball on Monday, three doctor's appointments, Science Class, P.E./Art, Field Day at Piper's preschool, and tomorrow she has a Thanksgiving Feast.  Then tomorrow night the boys and Mike have a camp-out.  Of course we also have Young Men's and Scouts.  Some of those things are normal, weekly things, but I feel like this has been a full week and being sick on top of it hasn't been fun.  I don't like full weeks.  I like quiet, uneventful weeks.

Lately we have had so many doctor's appointments.  I had my appointments this month for the blood work and Vitamin D deficiency, followed by the ultrasound today to rule out PCOS (the ultrasound looks totally fine so I guess blood work is the last step in ruling that out for good).  Will needed an eye appointment and new glasses because his glasses are a mess.  Not surprisingly, his eyes are worse.  He's at a -4.75 and a -4.  I feel bad for him because he's not even close to being done with puberty and his eyes will only get worse until he's done.

Will also had a dermatology appointment.  I've been taking Isaac and Will in for dermatology appointments for months now.  Both will probably be embarrassed that I'm writing this but honestly, not many people read this blog so I don't think it's that big of a deal.  Isaac had a monster wart on his toe that needed regular freezing.  He also has some suspicious moles.  There are two main moles that are worrisome but for now we are just monitoring those and he will get them checked out every six months.  Will, on the other hand, also had a wart which needed freezing, but mainly needed work for moluscum.  Moluscum is the devils virus, I swear.  It's so pesky.  Eli got it a few years ago in Tennessee.  I'm not sure where he got it but it was going around from kid to kid in the ward.  His wasn't terrible and didn't last too long.  Next, Isaac got one but that one also went away quickly.  Piper followed and she had hers for nearly 18 months.  It kept spreading and we did our best to keep it at bay.  For the most part, I don't think it was too bad compared to some I've seen other kids deal with.  I thought we were Moluscum free but then a few months before we moved Will showed me that he had them.  We waited until we had a new doctor and got the referral.  By that time they had spread.  His were on his inner thighs, making it easy to spread from leg to leg.  The doctor put Beetle Juice on them and it's been painful and annoying for him.  Every two weeks he's had to have the treatment and I just feel so bad for him.  But he's been such a good sport about it.  I've been impressed with his dedication to switching towels, never wearing the same shorts twice, even wearing ace bandages at night to keep his legs from touching each other and then washing the bandages daily.  This week was supposed to be our very last appointment for the treatment but sadly, it looks like Isaac might have them now.

Besides the dermatologist, we've started the journey of braces.  Both Will and Eli will have braces.  Currently Will has them on the top.  Both boys have a terrible overbite and serious crowding in their mouths.  Will is 12 and still has 12 baby teeth so his previous dentist had wanted to wait to give him time to lose more teeth but I can't even remember the last time he lost a tooth.  Finally, the dentist recommended we take him to an orthodontist when we moved.  He said that Will is going to need braces now to make room for his teeth and try and correct his overbite.  Then, when he has lost more teeth, he'll probably need braces again.  His overbite is bad enough that if the braces don't work they will do a metal mouth piece and if that doesn't work, break his jaw.  Eli has an even worse situation going on.  He's got a worse overbite than Will even and the orthodontist showed the scans and his jaw is all messed up and closing his wind pipe, which I didn't even know could happen.  Currently he has spacers on the top and bottom, expanders on the top and bottom, and in a few months will get braces on the top.  He also needs to lose a ton of teeth still so I'm sure we are looking at more braces for him in the future as well.

So, I feel like I'm pretty much running around town every day to take kids to appointments.  Next month I've got yearly check-up for the girls and we all need flu shots (base just barely got enough in for dependents and we all need to get better first).  After Thanksgiving I've got my appointment with the gynecologist (as mentioned above) and an appointment with the vascular surgeon about my varicose vein.  Mike has an appointment for a pulled muscle that isn't healing but thankfully, he can take himself to that one.  Is this normal?  Does every family have this many appointments all the time?  It seems excessive to me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I've got about two minutes to write something.  Piper is off to preschool, I dropped the boys off at the community center for Art and P.E., and just got the baby down for a nap and since her naps continue to be short most days, I should be showering instead of writing.  However, I made a goal to try and be better so I'll just be fast.  

Halloween was fun.  The kids chose incredibly easy costumes this year, which I was so grateful for.  Piper wanted to be a mermaid but we couldn't see a costume that was her size so when she spotted the Elena costume she quickly changed her mind.  She's never asked to be a princess so it was kind of fun to dress her up for a change.  She felt so special.  One man said to her, "And where is your costume?" and she giggled and thought that was wonderful.  She really loved the evening and Eli even said to her at one point, "Piper, we can't do this all night.  At one point we are going to have to stop."  

Will got invited to go with friends and that was weird for me.  He is already at the point where those relationships with friends are starting to become more and more important.  I was happy for him to go but sad not to have them all together and it kind of pointed towards the future when all the kids will be heading out with friends and not needing to be us so much.  It's a good thing, but weird and a little sad in some ways.  We had said no trick-or-treating once he turned 12 unless he took his siblings but all of his friends could still go and it seemed like a rule that didn't need to be so rigid so we let him go with his friends.  Because he wasn't originally planning on going, he made a decision last minute to be a "Cereal Killer."  Easiest costume ever.

Eli just wanted something simple so he chose a robber and it was easy to find black clothes and tape a dollar sign to his bag.  He also grabbed a dagger from the Dollar Store and we painted a five o'clock shadow on his face.  

Isaac didn't really want to dress up.  He feels awkward going up to stranger's doors and he wasn't sure he really wanted to trick-or-treat this year but in the end, he decided it would be worth it.  He wanted to be a stick man.  It was so easy to tape glow-in-the-dark sticks to his black clothes.  He painted a paper plate and cut holes out for the eyes and make a strap so it would stay on his face.  His costume was awesome.  Everyone he passed commented on it and Eli decided he wants to be that next year.  

I feel bad for little Filly because I kind of just didn't even think about a costume for her.  Right before the trunk-or-treat I realized I didn't have a costume for her.  I searched at the store for like two minutes and didn't find anything I liked so I decided to dig the mouse costume out of storage.  It's a size 2T so it is too big for her but she didn't care.  

Our last neighborhood was so busy and congested on Halloween night.  We were one of the only neighborhoods with sidewalks so everyone came to our neighborhood.  We always went with friends and it was loud and fun and lots of action.  This neighborhood is quite and established, with very few children.  I wasn't sure what it would be like.  It was a quiet evening.  There were not a lot of people out but plenty of houses participated and enjoyed having our kids come take their candy.  We walked for about a mile and then Filly was tired (we only sent her up to about three houses) and the other kids were complaining about their feet hurting so we went back to the house and got the van.  We put the seats down and opened the back and the kids rode between houses (we had a few houses between each one that didn't participate so they weren't jumping out at every house).  They all had a good time.  Piper still has a bowl full of candy, Eli is completely out, and Isaac and Will have just a few pieces left.  

Well, I've written too long.  I have to shower and get ready so I can head to Piper's field day, help the boys with school when they get back, and do general house chores.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vitamin D

Mike decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  He makes lofty goals.  Anyway, he has to write a novel this month.  He's already ahead of schedule, spending his free time at the desk in our room, typing away.  He emails his progress each night to Will so that Will can read it during the day and then when Mike gets home from work they discuss the story and changes Mike should make or if it read well, etc.  All this writing has made me think maybe I ought to challenge myself to write on here more instead of just posting pictures.  I'm not sure that I'll actually write anymore than I already do but at least I can pretend to try. 

I went to the doctor this past week to get the results of a bunch of blood tests.  I finally made an appointment because I decided that I had just hit a wall and I needed help.  I've been feeling exhausted to the point of tears.  I wake up in the morning and tears just come to my eyes because I feel so tired and know that I have to get up and get going but the exhaustion is overwhelming.  My daily schedule started to feel like too much.  Just thinking about all the tasks before me seemed daunting.  The baby has always woken up early and hasn't really been consistent at sleeping through the night until recently so that has added a level of tiredness as well.   

The truth is, I just don't feel well.  I feel emotional, tired, and discouraged.  It's hard to make and complete goals when you just don't feel well.  I have wondered if there is something going on like my thyroid not working or maybe anemia.  Regardless, I feel depressed and I realized that I needed some help.

The doctor did a bunch of tests, blood work, and a urine sample.  I was checked for thyroid issues, anemia, and diabetes among other things.  The tests show me to be a very healthy person aside from low Vitamin D levels.  Low Vitamin D levels can make your hair fall out, make you tired, achy, anxious, and depressed, all of which I've been experiencing.  I'm on a supplement now and hopefully in a few months (or sooner!) I'll notice a difference. 

I'm also headed to the OB to see why my hormones and periods are so crazy right now, and to a vascular doctor to get a painful varicose vein removed that is right behind my right knee, the knee that I broke. The varicose vein has made exercising even more painful and difficult so I'm hopeful that getting it removed will help me move more and feel better. 

It's hard to get old...I'm not even 40 yet but I feel old now.  I am hopeful that I can figure things out and get back on track.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Growing things in Florida

Besides the Ocean, I can't say that I think Florida is really that beautiful.  It has a lot of really cool growing things and some weird growing things.  I really like the long grasses that grow along the freeway and by the golf courses.  They are purple right now and I love that.  Also, many of the roads have shells in them, and that's always fun see.  

First Views

These pictures are all from the first week we moved here in July and our first visit to the beach.  The house we stayed in while we waited for our rental to be available was about a two minute drive to the beach.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Sunday evenings aren't always for walking on the beach.  :)  I've been wanting to fly kites for a long time now but it isn't that windy in Tennessee.  It is, however, fairly windy here on a regular basis.  It's not windy like Oklahoma or Colorado but it still has a good amount of wind, perfect for kite flying.  I purchased two kites and on a Sunday evening we went to this road at the front of our subdivision.  It's mostly an unused road but I assume eventually they will build houses there.  The road is next to this big field and since the hurricane and all the rain this summer, there are new "ponds" in the field.  The kids wandered over with their walking sticks to go check out the ducks and probably to see if there were alligators as well.  We learned that I am not very good at flying kites but it was fun!