Sunday, September 04, 2011

What we did in August

August was a busy month for us. Since my pictures posted backwards just know that the photos showing first actually happened at the end of the month.

So, I'm totally unoriginal and steal ideas from people all the time. These pictures are from my craft room that I am working on. I painted the wall gray but it looks kind of purple in different lights...not what I was aiming for but I'm not going to change the color at this point. The wall hangings were an idea from my friend Kristi. It was such an easy, great idea. The pink one used to be going up and down but Mike felt it wasn't tight enough so he fixed it but in doing so, put the fabric in pointing sideways. I'm going to leave it that way until it bugs me too much and then I'll consider changing it.

Then I made these felt balls (I posted the beginning of the yellow one on a previous post). They took forever. I decided I needed a project to keep my mind off of things after Laila died. I bought the materials the week after the funeral and just finished them. Thankfully, my mom came and helped finish them.
Speaking of my mom coming...she came for a visit. I loved it. She wrote about the visit here (and she posted more pictures of the craft room). My mom is such a busy lady. Mike's mom is too. I love it because when one of them come I just put them to work. My mom helped me organize the craft room, wash and fold laundry, made her famous pizza, helped me hang these hooks seen in the picture below, and just talked and talked to me. I loved it. Kids always need their moms no matter how old they get.
We had a high priest group get together. We actually ended up being the only younger couple there and there was only one other person with a kid there. But, the pool was pretty much empty so the boys got full reign of the pool. I didn't get very good pictures of the kids swimming because I was in the pool swimming with them. They had such a great time even though they were the only kids. They all love to swim.

Eli and I have spent a lot of time together. I tried painting the craft room while he did his own painting but that only lasted like five minutes. But he follows me around and we play in the basement or go to the park or have a play date or go for a walk, or his a craft. He loves to do little crafts.

Some friends invited us to go to a pick your own fruit farm. There weren't any apples to pick but we got some raspberries and some blackberries. It was pretty hot that day but the drive to the farm was nice and the boys really enjoyed picking the berries.

Last up, though it really happened first, we bought a pass to the zoo. We hardly ever went to the zoo in Ohio. Every time we went I got lost and it was just such a pain and really expensive. This zoo is only about 30 minutes away so I thought it would be worth it. The boys loved feeding the giraffes. I think their tongues are nasty but the boys love feeding them and they really are cool creatures.
So, that was our month.


Jess and Jason said...

I wish we lived closer together. You do the coolest things. Did I tell you about the dream I had where we only lived three hours away and we got together all the time and did things. I would love to do crafts with you and go to the zoo!

Frances said...

We go to the zoo here about once a year or so, just too far away. Glad to see all the things you're doing. Eli sounds like my kind of kid, I love crafts too!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Your wall hangings look awesome. I did not even notice the one was crooked until you pointed it out. And I LOVE the balls! -We are pretty jealous you got to feed a giraffe. from liezl

Aaron and Lisa said...

I'm glad your mom got to come and visit. I love when we get visitors. It looks like you had a month filled with fun activities! It is good to stay busy!