Saturday, July 01, 2006

Adrianne's Week

We all had an eventful, though not exciting week. This week I spent my time playing with Will, watering our lawn, weeding, Visiting Teaching, going to an ultrasound, and helping at the Primary activity. The pictures are of our yard that I have been trying to help make look nicer. Don't be fooled by the picture of the "garden." It is really a weed garden but the weeds have pretty little flowers on them so we decided that until next year we will let them take over the garden. I weed the grass that infests the garden...and it is very stubborn grass!!!


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you guys. Oklahoma, wow! who is mike employed with?

Mike and Adrianne said...

Conrad, Mike is a Mechanical Engineer at Tinker Air Force Base. We will be here at least two more years. We were glad to find your blog. It was fun to read about your family.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Your house is really nice! But it looks like you have lots of yard to mow. I'm getting to the point in my life that the less grass the better. (Better hope Dad doesn't read this.)

Mike and Adrianne said...

We do have lots of grass to mow! The front yard isn't too bad but the backyard is pretty big and a pain for Mike to mow. I offered to mow the lawn because I really don't mind mowing but Mike said, "Think about my reputation in the neighborhood. I can't have people see my pregnant wife mowing our yard!"