Friday, June 16, 2006

Feverish Day

Will got his first fever last night. It was very sad. He woke up with a fever too. He has only been up a few hours and has had a very difficult time. Yesterday he got his fifteen month shots. He has also been working on a tooth (his third) for almost a month. So, little Will is not a happy boy today.

At his check-up yesterday he weighed 22 lbs and was 31 inches. It was very sad when they measured him though. They laid him down on the bed with the crinkley paper and he immediately started to cry. I had to reassure him he wasn't getting his shot yet. I couldn't belive he remembered what happens when he lays on the bed.

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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Tell Willy that he will be alright. He is a great guy.
Love Dad