Thursday, July 05, 2018

More random photos--Mike's book, science, Eli's birthday, Easter

Mike finished his first book.  He sent it off to people for reactions before doing any editing and in hindsight, that was probably a mistake.  He sent out 10 hard copies and a bunch of electronic copies to people who offered to read his book.  Sadly, he has gotten almost no responses.  The truth is, it's a long book and has a lot of typos and hasn't been edited down so people may just have a hard time getting through something so long.  I really enjoyed the book and I'm so proud of him but I think it has been disappointing for him to not have responses.  It makes him feel like his book isn't that good.  Thankfully, Mike is so positive and has such a growth mindset and doesn't let set backs stop him.  He is working hard to edit the book and working on his second book.  I love the way he works to develop his talents. 
 Eli turned 10 in April.  He wanted a bow an arrows for his birthday.  I love Eli's imagination.  I love that he still plays outside and pretends.  He really is so much fun. 

The two younger boys did a lot of science experiments this year.  One involved making cabbage juice, which smelled so nasty but was so beautiful when completed.

Sadly, I feel like Easter kind of ended up as a side thought this year.  We participated in a few egg hunts, did some last-minute egg dying and listened to conference.  We also had a nice dinner and it was fun to watch Felicity look for eggs this year.

Eli is such a good big brother.  He made Piper a cute house out of cardboard, even including a window box with flowers 

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