Sunday, February 18, 2018

Family Pictures

When Grandma and Grandpa Richards came to visit we had them snap a few pictures for us.  It was too early in the day and I had hoped to go to a different location but everyone just wanted to get it done quickly so we opted for the empty area at the front of the subdivision. Will has grown so much in this last year that none of his pants fit him anymore.  Grandma came to the rescue and had him try on some of her jeans and sure enough, they fit.  So, he's wearing Grandma's pants in our pictures.  It's strange for me to have him growing so big so fast. I noticed after uploading the pictures a perfect yellow heart-shaped leaf right above Will's head in the family pictures and it made me smile and made me think of Laila and think she found a perfect way to represent herself in our family picture. 

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