Sunday, October 22, 2017


Sunday evenings aren't always for walking on the beach.  :)  I've been wanting to fly kites for a long time now but it isn't that windy in Tennessee.  It is, however, fairly windy here on a regular basis.  It's not windy like Oklahoma or Colorado but it still has a good amount of wind, perfect for kite flying.  I purchased two kites and on a Sunday evening we went to this road at the front of our subdivision.  It's mostly an unused road but I assume eventually they will build houses there.  The road is next to this big field and since the hurricane and all the rain this summer, there are new "ponds" in the field.  The kids wandered over with their walking sticks to go check out the ducks and probably to see if there were alligators as well.  We learned that I am not very good at flying kites but it was fun!

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