Sunday, July 02, 2017

Worth it

In full transparency, seven months into this baby thing, I still feel like I'm getting my butt kicked.  This baby stuff has always been difficult for me and I always wish I knew how to do it better.

This past week I had Felicity, Piper, and Isaac home with me while Mike had Will and Eli.  While I sat down to get Felicity ready for bed, Piper asked Isaac if he would play with her.  He was not exactly excited about it but agreed and went to search for chalk.  After I got the baby in bed I went to see what they were doing and found them drawing masterpieces.  I watched (and snapped pictures) while they talked and played together.  Later, Isaac said, "You know, surprisingly, this is the most fun I've had all day."  Then he told me of a goal he had, "After buying my first car, I'm going to take Piper and Felicity to get ice cream on my first drive in the car."  

This is what makes up for the crabby babies.  These fussy-gussy babies eventually become awesome bigg(er) people that I adore.

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