Thursday, June 01, 2017

Who needs sleep?

I have not been sleeping well lately.  After nursing the baby (twice in the middle of the night), I lay in bed, awake for a long time.  I just cannot go back to sleep.  Last night I got just barely five hours of interrupted sleep and I found myself just feeling so angry that I was awake so finally I just got out of bed and left the house as the sun was rising.  Yesterday I went for a hike and snapped pictures on my phone camera but this morning I went back with my real camera and took pictures.  I love how the world is so misty in the mornings here.  I took my time and got back about an hour later.  I'm positive my family appreciates that I was gone before they woke up so they didn't have to deal with my cranky self.  Thankfully, I felt cheerful, though not rested, once I got home.

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