Thursday, June 15, 2017


Will has the craziest hair.  I guess it's not the craziest because it's essentially the exact same hair as Mike so they tie for the craziest hair.  Their hair does not grow out flat.  It sticks straight up.  It doesn't comb down well at all.  The last year we have been letting Will's hair grow longer on the top and have been trying to train his hair to lie flat.  It will only do that if it is longer.  For the most part, Mike has trained his hair to lie flat but like Will, only if it is longer on the top.  Not only does Will's hair grow straight up but it grows so, so fast.  It just gets so shaggy so fast.  The boys grumble when I cut their hair which makes me want to grumble so I'm not very good at cutting it as often as it needs to be.  And obviously, I'm not a hair dresser so I'm not really very good at cutting their hair.  I started cutting it yesterday and then we decided to change things up a bit and cut his hair like Mike's.  I let Mike take over and we gave Will a new style.  For the most part it turned out well other than the part in the back of his head that still wants to stand up.  Which, ironically, is the same place Mike's hair stands up in the back.  Will's new hair cut is super cute on him and makes him look so much older.  He doesn't look like a 12 year old, but more like a 14 year old.  Which, I guess makes sense since his body is the size of a 14 year old.  

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