Friday, June 30, 2017

7 months (almost)

Felicity is almost seven months.  She is getting better and a lot of people have been noticing that she is crying less and smiling more.  Her reflux is mostly controlled now.  Whereas before, she barfed every time anything went in her mouth and barfed throughout the day, now, she only barfs once or twice a day.  I'm not sure if it's the Nexium she is on or if it's just her growing up but either way, I'm thankful that things seem better.  Next month we lower her dose of Nexium and see if she starts barfing again.  It was pretty bad there for awhile and every time I'd lay her down she'd wake up five minutes later with barf coating her head.  

Now that she is starting to feel better she is also starting to sleep better.  She isn't an awesome napper but it's so much better than what we had that I'll take it!  She stopped sleeping through the night in April and there doesn't seem to be any pattern in her night time sleep.  I'm tired pretty much all the time now.  Her brothers didn't sleep through the night until about nine months so this is not something new to me.  I sure hope she starts sleeping through the night soon though because I feel like a walking zombie.

She is sitting up pretty well now and rolls over.  She is just as wiggly as Piper was.  It's difficult to hold her because she jumps and twists and turns and grabs and tries to get out of my arms.  She is extremely curious and loves music.  So far she enjoys most foods other than beans and peas.  

She loves water.  If she is fussy, I can get her in the bath and she will immediately cheer up.  She enjoys the pool and loves that her brothers will take her out in the water.  She also loves the swings and bubbles and pounding on the piano. 

I feel thankful for her snuggles and the way she lights up when I pick her up and thankful that we each month seems to be getting easier with her.  

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