Monday, May 29, 2017

The Red Balloon

I bought balloons for our birthday celebration for Laila and decided to snap a few pictures of the girls before we went to release the balloons.  These two girls were tough today.  Fella (Lissy, Philly...we are still trying out nicknames for her) cried most of the day today and we were all "discussing" who had to take the next turn to hold her.  Sigh.  Sometimes she is so difficult.  Piper was fine for the majority of the day until she decided to bite Eli because he asked her for some alone time.  She spent the evening in her room and lost the chance to sleep outside on the trampoline with the boys.  She said, "I feel like this is a hard discipline for me but not for Eli."  Uh, well yes.  You are the one that did the biting.  At least I got some cute pictures of them.  

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