Friday, May 19, 2017

School is out!

I'm so behind on this blog.  We've been done with school for about a month.  It's been great!  We didn't get done this early last year but I knew that with the baby coming it was going to get tricky so I decided we should start school early and we didn't take very many breaks at all.  Therefore, we finished up school on April 20th.  All 180 days!  Happy dance right here.  Honestly, this year wasn't super exciting.  I anticipated that we would start strong and then end out the year limping and that's pretty much what happened.  Newborns kind of have that effect on things.  

We all survived though and I think that is what matters.  I couldn't let the year end without taking end of the year photos.  If I were really cool I'd go search for the first day of school photos as a comparison but this will have to be good enough.  

I'm interested to see what this summer will end up looking like.  Right now as we prepare to move, there is a lot of stress so I'm just hoping that the stress won't take over and that we can have FUN!  I'm ready to just let go of all the stress and enjoy not having my mornings taken over by school and schedules.  I'm officially declaring this the summer of fun!

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