Sunday, February 12, 2017

Primary Program and Colorado Springs

This was the first year where all of my children participated in the Primary Program.  It was Piper's first year and Will's last year.  The presidency had the older kids help as much as possible so Will got to hold the microphone for Piper's class and prompt them their parts.  Piper was not exactly the most reverent but I think that kind of goes with the territory for Sunbeams

Mike invited some friends over to make Camembert.  After it was ripened we went to their house and all shared the cheese together.  It was delicious.  

When sweeping, I discovered that Piper had secretly cut her hair.  Thankfully, you couldn't tell after doing a thorough check of her hair.

I had the opportunity to fly to Colorado Springs in November.  It was the first time I'd been to visit the grave since we left to move to Tennessee.  I went alone and spent some quiet time thinking and praying.  It was a sacred, peaceful time.

I was so pregnant by this time.  It was so much fun to visit with some of my very best friends.  These are some of the ladies that were instrumental in helping me through the death of Laila.  I have the sweetest feelings for these women.  

I went for a walk with my dear friend Bre.  We took the trail behind the house we own in Colorado

The Johnson's live in our Colorado home.  They are the BEST renters you could ever hope to find.  The house is immaculate and perfectly taken care of.  I loved staying with them.  They are a happy family who fills the house with the best feelings of love for each other.  I love this family so much and feel so thankful for the hospitality they showed me while I was there.  I was truly spoiled by them.

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