Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Phone photos

I love that you can see the mountains from my front door.  

Mike had a bunch of business trips this fall.  This was taken the night he got back from one of his trips.  We were so excited he was back!  

Another lasered product.  I started painting them so they would look more finished

More book reports!

I'm always trying to find fun ways to review our school subjects.  This time we combined basketball with our review

I have never passed the first gestational diabetes test until this baby!  It was an amazing day when they told me I passed and didn't have to take the second test

I'm not sure where the other two kids were but I took Eli and Piper out for a treat

When I remember we practice memorizing The Living Christ.  Don't be too impressed.  We've been working on memorizing it for two years.  Slow and steady, right?

I am going to miss these beautiful foggy mornings

Last year Piper would cry any time this skeleton would make noises.  The boys would purposely try to make it move so that she would get scared.  This year she was brave and would get close, even though she was still scared

Will had his first 11 year old scout camp out.  He had such a good time!

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