Sunday, February 12, 2017

November phone pictures

After getting home from Colorado Springs things kind of went downhill from there as far as the pregnancy went.  I began having regular contractions.  After going to the doctor for a threatened premature labor, I was told to take some medicine to stop the labor (I chose not to) and to be as restful as I could.  I had been pretty active throughout the pregnancy and went for regular walks but this was one of the last walks I went for before seeing the doctor.  They told me I couldn't go for anymore walks.  

We had a very successful Christmas season with so many orders.  Mike was amazing at keeping up with everything.  I really do not know how he did it all.  One of the orders was for this custom mantle piece.  They wanted three temples to stand on their mantle.  It was ordered unpainted.  I think it would look even better painted.  Mike did an awesome job designing this.

We made so many new products this winter.  We even had orders for names as ornaments.  It was really cool to see all the fun things the laser can do

After being told to be "restful", the boys and Mike really took over.  They picked up so much extra work around the house.  I was really impressed and thankful for these sweet boys in my life.  Will regularly made us breakfast

I broke the rules and escaped the couch for a hockey game with friends.  It was my first hockey game and it was so much fun!

Mike and Will took a quick trip to Maryland for the baby blessing of our nephew Lincoln.  While they were gone I had to help Isaac tie a tie.  Thank heavens for the internet.

We also watched a movie and had popcorn together in bed.  I made sure we didn't leave any popcorn in the bed--Mike would be so annoyed!!

working hard on cursive

I finished the Book of Mormon again this year.  I love this book

We had a spa day.  Piper loves to do nails.  She did mine and I did hers.  

For our spa day, Piper convinced the brothers to give us back massages

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