Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fall happenings in phone photos

A family in the ward had a Halloween party for a bunch of teenagers and they invited our boys.  They felt pretty cool being with the teenagers and I was so impressed with the way the teenage boys treated our boys.  It was a really late night for the boys so they were ready to be in bed by the end.  Piper didn't go but she wanted to dress up like her brothers

Isaac decided he wanted to be a Pea Shooter from Plants vs. Zombies for Halloween so he made a paper mache head

Piper practiced being a big sister as many times as she could.  She could not wait for the baby to come.

We were able to go down to Chatanooga to meet up with my brother and his family for a day.  We decided to tour Ruby Falls together.

Lance and Nancy!

I was hugely pregnant

Chatanooga is such a fun town!  We decided to grab some lunch together and then go to a local park after the falls.  It was really a perfect day, so beautiful, and such a good idea to meet up in the middle.

Eli's hair blends in with the trees

Silly kids

A heart shaped food remnant

We had a Halloween party for Piper and her friends.  They boys put together some games for the kids.  Here they are making a spider web for Pin the Spider on the Web

The kids loved to feel the baby kicking

The boys wanted to earn some money so they worked the tables at the garage sale.

This is a really big hill at a park near our house.  It was such a beautiful morning that I had to snap a picture.  I often walk this loop while the kids play

Piper has a thing for Kitties and she had to have a picture when she saw this bale of hay made into a cat

God makes beautiful sunsets

The most adorable Kitty

Ready for trick-or-treating.  Isaac is a Pea Shooter, Will is a one man piggy back ride, Piper is a kitty, and Eli is a zombie

There are a bunch of homeschooling families in the area that are LDS.  We get together a couple of times a year for parties or field trips.  The pumpkin patch is a popular field trip.  

This year the pumpkin patch added a zip line

Our neighborhood is one of the only neighborhoods with sidewalks so it's a popular place for people to come to trick-or-treat.  We had a bunch of friends come join us this year

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