Sunday, January 29, 2017

The big photo dump

I am finally getting around to cleaning out the pictures on my phone after a year.  So, the next few posts will just be a big dump of pictures from our last year.
I convinced Mike to go the the drive-in with us.  

She is so cute

I bought a little pool for the backyard for days I didn't want to take us to the pool.  After two days the water would get all nasty and moldy even with bleach thrown in the water.  It almost became too much work to empty and clean every few days

Our laser finally came this summer.  Mike began practicing to figure out the machine

We went to a baseball game with some friends for the 4th of July

It poured rain right before the game started but we were in a sky box so we didn't get wet.

fireworks after the baseball game
Our garden wasn't very successful this summer.  It was too hot and dry and I was pregnant so I didn't give it as much attention as I should have.

It was too hot to be outside so we went bowling

The kids played at the park while I walked around the trail

Looking for crawdads 

Piper is in love with the neighbor boy Chase.  He is the nicest boy and treats her so well

It was a hot summer with little rain.  The humidity was oppressive and the lack of rain created a drought in Tennessee.

Mike loves fireworks and when he took us to the firework shop he got a little carried away and bought a carload of fireworks

flexing our faith muscles during FHE

Kentucky Splash

Kentucky Splash

Kentucky Splash 

Kentucky Splash

Kentucky Splash

Even though we reapplied sunscreen a few times we still got burnt

Piper broke my sunglasses so I went to Kentucky Splash without glasses and my eye got sunburnt.

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