Sunday, January 29, 2017

The big photo dump continued

More pictures from my phone
We had quite a few orders for temples this summer

Mike put Pokemon Go on his phone and the kids loved to walk around the block with him when he got home from work to see what they would catch


a heart at dinner

we have a drive in right down the road from us.  They have the best ice cream!

I finally cut my hair and got highlights

We went downtown with friends to play Pokemon Go

Piper often gets ignored during school hours.  She likes to practice her letters though while we work

The kids talked to me nonstop on this walk.  I was surprised to hear all the things they had to tell me

A heart at the zoo

at the zoo with friends

Will volunteered to help with a bird show

The bird landed right on his arm!

It is so hot in Knoxville that the zoo has a splash pad in it!

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