Monday, January 30, 2017

Summer Phone Photos!

We did a ton of swimming this summer.  As soon as the pool opened the kids wanted to swim.  

Piper found a lizard

Look at her cute curls

I was feeling down about myself and Will overheard me talking to Mike about it.  I went to bed that night to discover that Will had written this sweet note to me to make me feel better about myself

Before Mike's schedule got too busy he was doing "Dad Days" each week with the kids.  On one of Piper's days she chose to go the sprinkler park with him.  He slathered her up and took her

To celebrate the end of school we invited all the kids in  the ward that wanted to come and hosted a huge water gun fight.  It lasted a long time and the kids had a blast.  We ended with Popsicles

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