Monday, January 30, 2017

Phone Photos--Random

I loved finding Piper sleeping with her doll next to her.  We are lame parents and she still doesn't have a bed.

Kind of gross but when I was losing tons of hair I found this heart made of my hair in the shower

Will had testing done to see if he had asthma.  It was inconclusive.  He's either border line asthmatic or out of shape...or both.

The weeds got out of control when I got pregnant and sick

I love all the flowers that grow in my yard

Piper will ask anyone that is willing to do her nails

Our friendly bees became increasingly more angry and mean as the months went on.  We think it was a because of the rotten heat and because of a very mean queen.  Mike got stung and his arm swelled up for days.  

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