Monday, January 30, 2017

Phone photos continued

My robot vacuum broke and Mike set up shop and fixed it!

Our garden wasn't too successful but we did get a few watermelon

I posted about our day at Big Ridge Park months ago.  It was a hot day and a long hike.  The kids loved cooling off in the lake

When we went to see the synchronized fireflies, we met up with our friends (who were camping) for a campfire and late night fun.  They stayed to camp of we went home late at night.  The kids were all very interested in Crystal's ghost story

Mike rigged a sprinkler on the trampoline again

Piper and her best friend Hayley always have so much fun together

The woods behind our house have all kinds of birds and we often see Hawks.  This particular day we sat on the porch and watched a Hawk swooped down and capture a bird.  It was gross!  

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Piper's hair gets so curly in the summer here from the humidity

I'm pretty sure that Mike brushes his teeth longer than any person I know

We love the zoo and we will be sad to move away 

One of our favorite animals at the zoo is the gibbons

Piper loves shoes.  She was so disappointed when Isaac got new shows and she did not

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