Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Her first job

Piper has been getting increasingly more jealous of her brothers' ability to earn money.  She gets frustrated when they wake up with money from the tooth fairy and when they take their money to the store and choose out a treat.  She regularly tries to wiggle her teeth to make them loose and just thinks it's completely unfair that she has to wait so many more years before her teeth start to fall out.  

We came up with a way for Piper to earn her own money.  

Each time we burn a Love ornament in the laser we have extra wood that needs to be poked out (picture below) before we can sand and paint.  Mike found a little poker for Piper to use and told her he'd give her a penny for each ornament she finished.  She doesn't really have a concept of money so to her a penny was amazing.  

One morning the boys convinced her that her hard work was being taken advantage of and that she should demand more money.  I told her that if she had a good enough argument she could approach Dad and request a raise.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Mike, Piper feels that she deserves a raise.
Mike:  Ok, how much do you think you are worth, Piper?
Piper:  A lot.
Mike:  How much money would you like?  
Piper:  A lot of money!  A lot!
Mike:  Ok.  How about $.10 for each one you finish?
Piper:  Yes!!

So, Piper got a raise.  She earned $.70 this morning and added that to the money she already had to make $1.25.  She is so excited to finally get to take her money to the store tonight when we go on our mommy/daughter date and buy herself a treat with her own money.  Finally, she can be like her brothers.

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