Saturday, September 24, 2016

13 years!

It's our anniversary tomorrow.  We celebrate 13 years of marriage.  I think this story sums up how my marriage is:  This morning I came home from walking two miles to find Mike on the couch.  He had finished doing his push ups and sit-ups to discover that standing up straight was hurting his back (he regularly has back issues).  He said he was going out to mow the lawn and promised to follow my advice of taking some ibuprofen first.  I told him that if he started mowing and discovered that his back was hurting too much he had to promise he would stop and come get me to finish mowing.  We continued to get in an "argument" over who was in the better position to mow the lawn.  I argued that his back was hurt.  He argued that I was six months pregnant.

There are all kinds of marriages and all kinds of trials that people go through and in our 13 years of marriage we have experienced various trials but a contentious marriage is not a trial that I have had to deal with.  We do not do everything in our marriage perfectly.  Sometimes we say things to each other that are hurtful.  Sometimes we don't always understand each other's perspective or reason for feeling the way we do.  Sometimes we have real arguments about real things that matter.  For the most part though, our marriage is contentious free.  We argue about who is in the better position to serve the other person.  My marriage is a blessing that I thank God for daily.

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