Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rehobeth Beach

I took my camera with me to Maryland but ended up not using it the entire time we were there.  I did use my phone camera though so none of my pictures are great quality but bad quality is better than none.

One of the things we knew we wanted to do was go to the beach.  My kids love the beach.  The beach my in-laws go to is Rehobeth Beach in Delaware.  It's about two hours away.  We packed and left early and then after finding parking we ate a quick snack at the car.  The beach was packed!  We have gone to a less popular beach before that is about ten minutes away but this time we wanted to be closer to the boardwalk so we chose a spot that was pretty crowded just feet away from the boardwalk.  The sand was so hot it burned our feet!  Also, it was just so hot.  I think that is probably a good word to describe the entire trip--hot!  We quickly ran to the water and that is pretty much where the majority of us stayed.  It was so nice in the water.  The kids did not want to get out.  They spent hours jumping waves.  At the end the waves really picked up and we all got a good strong pummeling at one point or another.  After about five hours we were all starving so we packed everyone up and headed for some pizza on the boardwalk.  After the pizza we let the kids spend some time at Funland which is just a small amusement area with little rides and games.  

We headed home around 8, tired, hot, sticky, and happy.

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