Saturday, August 06, 2016

It's a girl!

I am just about 19 weeks.  I had my gender ultrasound at 17 weeks.  The kids were so excited they were counting down the hours until my appointment, which wasn't until 4 that afternoon.  When I drove towards our house all four kids came running out of the house yelling, "What is it?!"  I hadn't even parked yet!  I sent them on a walk with Mike while I set up a quick scavenger hunt.  I typed up a few nursery rhymes that would lead them to clues  (ie: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and the clue was on one of the walls of the house and Jack and Jill went up the hill to catch a pail of water, and the clue was at the water spigot).  The last clue led them to a little box and inside I had put some tiny shoes and the ultrasound picture.  They opened the box to find that we are having a girl!  They were so excited!  All of them expect Isaac (he doesn't show his excitement as outwardly as the rest) jumped up and down.  It was pretty cute.  They were all hoping for a girl.  Mike is pleased but not convinced that it really is a girl.  haha.  

Piper had been "practicing" for being a big sister.  She gets her dolls and practices putting them to bed and singing them songs.  It's pretty cute.  

If you were to ask me last week how I was feeling, I would have told you that I felt pretty crappy.  I still felt so gaggy and nauseous.  My head has been pounding and I switch between a caffeinated drink and Tylenol each day to try and knock them out.  On top of that I've had the most severe heartburn I've ever had!  Literally everything I put in my mouth gave me heartburn.  I couldn't even drink water without having heartburn.  It was miserable.  This week hasn't been as bad.  My head has hurt but not terribly.  I have had minimal heartburn, and the nausea has also been better.  I'm not sure what the difference is but I'm grateful to have had some relief.  I did research and read that low iron can make headaches worse and I do have low iron so I've been increasing my iron and had limited all drinks from meal time to help with the heartburn and try to eat smaller portions at meals as well.  The nausea is still there but it's not nearly like it was so that's good.  I'm hopeful that that means it's going away.  Sundays are always bad for me and I'm not sure what makes them so much worse but almost every single Sunday I find myself in the middle of Sacrament gagging and having to rush out of the chapel so I don't puke. I think the headaches make the nausea worse too so hopefully those will go away soon.  

Anyway, you know, just typical pregnancy woes.  

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