Monday, August 08, 2016

Isaac is 10!

Isaac just had his 10th birthday.  I have two kids in the double digits now!  This is not a party year so we decided to just do something as a family.  Mike took off work and we drove to Kentucky Splash.  They kids spent most of their time at the wave pool.  My pregnant brain is telling me that I already wrote about all of this.  I honestly can't remember.  Anyway, we spent a great day together.  Mike was able to go down all the slides with the kids so I was able to hang out with Piper.  She loved the wave pool.  I can't believe how brave she is in water now.  Such a change from last summer where she would barely go in the water.  I didn't take a single picture of the whole day because we were having too much fun.

Our trip to Kentucky Splash happened on Wed instead of on his birthday because we were supposed to get rain the rest of the week and we didn't want to miss our opportunity.  On his actual birthday we went to our friend's house in the country and had pizza and a bon fire.  The plan was to light all the fireworks we bought for the 4th of July so we hung out to wait for it to get dark.  We had S'mores and the boys all went in the canoe in the pond (swamp?!) and we checked out all the animals on the farm.  The kids also played some night games and just as it got dark enough to light our fireworks it started to rain.  Not just rain, but pour.  The kids were so sad.  We tried to wait it out but at 10 PM we finally decided that it was too late and since Mike has to wake up at 5:30 on Sundays for 6:30 meetings we decided to go home.  On the way home Isaac got car sick and even though he didn't puke he was pretty bummed about the way his birthday turned out.  

Besides the disappointments, I think it was a good day overall.  Will bought him a game for his kindle and Mike and I bought him Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.  He has been wanting that game for a long time.  He asked for money from grandma because he wanted to buy a deep fryer.  He did his research and then bought one on Amazon.  When it came he was so excited and got right to work trying out recipes.  He made fried Oreos, chicken tenders, and fried ice cream.  I told him that we had to take a break from frying food so we didn't all blow up into giant human beings.  

I really love the person Isaac is.  He is such a good kid.  He genuinely wants to do the right thing.  It eats him up inside when he does something wrong and he can't hold it in before he is confessing.  I love that he is so open with me and willing to talk through his thoughts and feelings.  He reads his scriptures every day.  He is not the kind of kid who likes to be the center of attention.  He really feels uncomfortable to be put on the spot or to have to be in front of people.  He is bright and picks up new concepts quickly.  He has finally discovered the joy of reading and I often find him with a book in his hands.  He is well liked by all the kids in his class at church and has some really good friends now.  Isaac is someone you can count on to get things done.  I love taking him with me to the grocery store because he is so helpful with the shopping and when we get home he just immediately starts taking the bags in the house.  He is helpful and kind.  Pretty much, he's awesome.  I feel so grateful to have him as my son and can't wait to keep watching him grow.

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