Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cow Poop and Kilgore Falls

After some really hot outings we decided we needed to do something that would cool us down.  Kilgore Falls was about 30 minutes away and a mostly shaded hike.  The hike was short and since we had a lot a kids and two pregnant ladies, I think short was probably best.  Right when we showed up these ladies passing us told us that the water was "highly contaminated."  Carol ran back to find a park ranger that passed by and ask him what was up.  He said, "Well, there was a big storm last night and I'm sure there were some things washed down from the cow farms above here."  

We decided to go in anyway.  

Because that's how we roll.

What's a little cow poop anyway, right?!

Honestly though, our thought was that if it was really that contaminated there would be a sign up and besides, it was running water from the falls.  If it were standing water we probably would have rethought our visit but we assumed that the poop had been washed down the river by then.  

The kids had a great time and being in the shade and water made the temperatures feel heavenly.  We didn't want to leave and head back to the heat.

As soon as we got home all 11 of us showered to wash any "contaminates" that could have gotten on us.  It was fun, and worth it!  Totally worth it to swim in cow poop and get out of the heat.  Ha ha.

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