Monday, May 23, 2016

Highlights of our school year

We are done with our first year of homeschool!  I can't believe we survived.  :)  I still have to finish grading and then send the scores in but that won't take too long.  I have learned that for our family some consistency and schedules work well so I plan on making the kids do some work every day throughout the summer but just things like reading, piano, chores, etc.  Nothing too terrible.

Here are some of the highlights (in my opinion) of our year:

Aug and September:
Mummifying a chicken

Learning about Egypt

Learning how to bake

The boys learned how to make banana bread.  It was delicious

Doing school work at the park

Having the freedom to do school work outside

Egyptian art projects

having the pool to ourselves

Going for a hike during school

Learning about the food chain

Learning about the body!

working together on our body project

More swimming--having a guest teacher teach some swimming strokes

Having another guest teacher (Uncle Jess) teach about mapping fires

making blessing bags


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