Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Feb and March homeschool highlights

February and March highlights:

The kids always think an art project is a highlight but teaching them about Kintsugi was probably more a highlight for me than for them.  

I was grateful a group of homeschool families in the area had a Valentine's Day get together

Probably the boy's favorite activity of all this year was the Great Egg Drop.  They LOVED this activity

I enjoyed putting together a History review/Easter Egg hunt for the boys.  

Another highlight was definitely having John come spend a week with us.  We went to the zoo, played board games, played at the Muse Museum, etc.

I loved being able to include so many days from our trip to Williamsburg as Homeschool.  It was an awesome vacation 

The boys were very interested in making their field journals from our trip to Virginia Beach.  

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