Friday, April 08, 2016


Conference was this past weekend.  It was wonderful.  Last conference I was miscarrying.  I had started to bleed that morning and it was a depressing and difficult week following.  It's strange that it's been six months since then and even more strange that my due date was supposed to be on the 16th--next week, on Eli's baptism date.  It is weird to think about how I would probably have a baby already (since I've never actually gone to my due date).  Life moves on and I think for the most part, I am over the miscarriage but I do think it did some damage there for a bit.  

Anyway, this week was full of doctors appointments for the kids and then this coming week we have even more.  I took Will and Piper in for their year check-ups.  Will and Piper are both tall.  Piper was in the 95th percentile and Will in the 85th.  Will had to get an appointment set up at Children's hospital for a pulmonary test.  He tires easily when exercising and has been on an inhaler for about a year.  It doesn't appear to do much good so they just want to check everything out--cross our t's and dot our i's.  He may just be out of shape but it's better to be safe.  Piper also has an appointment at Children's for endoncrinology.  She still struggles with some cysts and some other endocrine issues that haven't really manifested themselves as issues yet but we keep an eye on her to make sure they don't become issues.  That is all next week along with some appointments for me to get some moles removed.  

Spring has exploded in Tennessee.  I think it is my favorite time of year here and is definitely the prettiest place I've lived at Spring time.  Everything is green and growing.  This year our wisteria bush was so overgrown and collecting so many bugs that I threatened to cut it down but decided to give it one last chance.  I read online that you should trim it in Feb. and July so I trimmed the heck out of it.  We went on Spring Break and came back to a bush full of buds.  I was so excited!  A couple of days later we had a frost and I didn't even think about it but woke up the next morning to discover that the majority of the buds had frozen and died.  I was so bummed.  Not all was lost, however, and more survived than I thought and while the majority still died, the ones that survived have bloomed and they smell so good and are so pretty.  Maybe I'll keep it another year!  

 We bought a huge amount of mulch for the garden and flower beds.  It took us hours--six, I think.  It was such hard work.  The boys all helped and we shoveled and moved mulch until the mountain was gone.  I don't remember being so tired and sore in my life.  I hurt in every single muscle of my body.  I hurt in muscles I didn't even know existed!  There are still weeds trying to peek out but I think it looks much better now.  My sister said she had never seen a picture of our house so I decided to take one.  It looks big.  Mainly it looks big because the garage is on the side of the house instead of in the front.  I will miss that when we move.  I hate garages in the front!  It's a pretty house--more Mike's style than mine.  He likes big, formidable houses.  I like country, relaxed, welcoming homes.  Ranches are great.  Mike likes brick and columns and formality.  I do love the shutters on the house.
 This week my in-laws are coming for Eli's baptism and since next week is filled with appointments I have been trying to declutter and get things ready for them to show up.  The guest room has been half-painted for a year now.  I painted everything but around the bed because the bed is just a mattress laying on top of a stack of food storage and I didn't want to move all that food storage.  People have come and stayed in the room with half painted a light, peaceful blue and the other half a dark brown.  Finally, I decided to just get the job done.  Mike moved all the boxes and he helped get all the high parts by the ceiling and it was painted in about an hour!  It is nice to have it done finally.  I have slowly been decorating in there and found this window at an antique store.  I originally had pictures in the frames but they would not stay up no matter what I did to try and make them stay.  Finally, I just decided to go a different route and hung mason jars with flowers in them.  I love how it turned out.
 I also have been drooling over all the dogwood trees that are in bloom.  They are the most gorgeous trees and they line the roads and make it hard to focus on driving because I just want to look at all the blossoms.  I have three of them in my yard.  Dogwoods are white or reddish/pink.  I only have white ones.  I decided to bring some of them into the house so I could enjoy them inside too.
Finally, school is almost done.  The boys only really have Math and English that is required and then the rest is up to me.  We have been doing science projects and reviewing history and then I throw in art projects from time to time.  This week I had the kids make Mayan masks.  We also have done a lot of PE--running and basketball mostly.  Aside from that they do reading, scriptures, Spanish, and piano.  They have two weeks left of English and a couple more after that of Math.  I can't believe we have almost finished an entire year of homeschool!

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The Duke said...

Loved reading about all you have been doing - and I like the decorating touches you are adding to you home.