Friday, April 08, 2016

Field Journals

The week before Spring Break we decided to do some research on Oceans.  Each of the boys chose a different level of the ocean sea floor and researched it.  I had them draw big pictures of what they discovered.  This was a fun thing for them to work on. 

I thought we could use our trip to the beach as a homeschool day and call it a field trip.  When we got there we took pictures of all kinds of things we found on the beach.  When we got home I had each boy choose the pictures he wanted to use and then we printed them off and they glued them into their field journals.  Then, they did more research.  They looked up about the life cycle of crabs, what are the predators of crabs, and what sand is made of,  Isaac wanted to know about sharks and riptides. Will and Eli researched various ocean fish.  I didn't know if this would be an activity the boys would enjoy or not and was pleased to discover that they were looking forward to it every day.  I loved having them come find me and say, "Mom, did you know that...............!"  I didn't worry about neatness or even super detailed entries.  It was more important to me that they pick topics and research them.    

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