Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break (part 2)

Wednesday of our Spring Break was probably my favorite.  I really wanted a beach day.  Virginia Beach was an hour away and we had heard about the beach at Jamestown.  The beach at Jamestown was on the river but it was super close and I wondered if the kids would care about going to Virginia Beach or if the beach on the river would be sufficient.  In the end, we decided we really wanted a real beach so we packed a lunch and headed to First Landing Park in Virginia Beach.  It was the perfect day.  The weather was is in the 80's with a nice cool breeze.  The beach had some other visitors but not very many so we didn't feel crowded at all.  The water was cold but bearable.  Mike and I didn't want to wear our suits but we brought them just in case.  I had packed swim diapers, sunscreen, a lunch, and somehow forgot to grab Piper's suit from the dryer at the condo so I just let her play all day in her swim diaper.  We slathered everyone with sunscreen and then reapplied half way through the day.  No one but Mike and me got burned.  I missed the spot right behind my knees and Mike missed the top of his feet.  The week before vacation I had the kids do research on the sea floor and the creatures that lived on each level of the sea floor.  We also did a brief study of ecosystems so when we got to the beach we all got busy looking for things to take pictures of for our field journals when we returned home from vacation.  The boys found some cool things!

Mike and I just walked along the beach while the kids played and swam.  I thought they were crazy for swimming but nothing would stop them!  After hours of fun we finally packed up and went back.  We had thought that if the water was too cold and the kids got tired of the beach early we would head over to this cool museum called the Nauticus that everyone told us about.  The kids though, didn't want to stop playing so we just let them play and decided we would save the museum for our next trip to Virginia Beach.  It was definitely worth it to drive an hour to the beach.

Thursday was our last day of vacation.  We had so many things on our list of possible things to do but knew we would only do a handful.  We decided that the last thing we would check out was Colonial Williamsburg.  We had done some research on it and found that we could just walk through the town without buying tickets.  I was kind of sad we weren't buying tickets because that meant we wouldn't be able to go into any of the houses or shops but the tickets were pricey and the boys didn't really act interested in going and I thought it was going to be a hefty price for something the boys didn't care about.  Once we got into the town though, the boys showed interest in peeking in some of the houses.  We almost gave in and walked back to buy tickets but decided just to keep walking.  In the end, I'm glad we didn't pay for the tickets because the kids were wiped out by the time we got through the town.  It was about five miles of walking and we did get to see some pretty cool buildings and shops.  Next time, I'd love to go when the kids aren't with us or when they are older when they can really appreciate what they are seeing.  On one end of the town they had some modern shops and of course the kids wanted to go in the candy shop so we stopped in there to let each of the kids choose something.  I love history and loved walking through the town and reading about the houses and buildings.  It was very interesting to me.

The final hours were spent playing more tennis, swimming again, and going out for Thai food.  We packed up and drove home on Friday.  Our drive home was pretty good except for when Piper randomly threw up at lunch.  I had to drag her outside to the van to get clean clothes and a wipe to wipe her all off.  Of course her bag was packed on the very bottom and I had to take everything out to get to her clothes.  After wiping her off with the wipe I had to drag her back into the restaurant, rise out her clothes, and change her.  Bleh.  She seemed perfectly fine until she threw up and perfectly fine after she threw up.  The rest of the drive was easy and we got home by 5:30.

Tomorrow starts a new, regular week of school and appointments.  Mike says the trip was good, which means it was great!  I am really happy we were able to go and make such fun, good memories.

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