Saturday, March 05, 2016


I have so much catch-up to do so I'm posting a couple of posts in a row.

Piper is so much fun lately.  She has given up on naps for the most part.  Some days she is just falling apart so I put her down for a nap and she sleeps for three hours.  It's pretty rare though that she will go to sleep.  I have, for the most part, decided that it just isn't worth it anymore.  When she does nap she won't go to sleep until 10 PM and instead of staying quietly in her bed she stays in her bed and then calls for us every five seconds.

She was doing so well at potty training and I honestly thought that when we got back from Maryland in January that she was going to finish her last couple of diapers and be done but she just decided that she doesn't care about peeing in the toilet.  She always poops in the toilet and will go pee about one other time a day but for the most part she just wets in her diaper and doesn't care to try to go in the toilet.  I have put her in underwear and she pees in them and dislikes it but then doesn't try to get the to potty.  It's frustrating but hopefully soon she will just decide she is ready.

I love being able to play with Piper's hair.  I'm not very good at it but it's fun to try new things.  She is the typical girl who wants to wear dresses and look pretty.  She has a dress up dress that she got from a friend that she calls her Elsa dress and she wears it all day long. She loves to get into my makeup and wear lipstick and I always find her spraying my perfume on herself.

Piper is loving her Sunbeams class.  I think being away from me is doing her good because she was quite timid and clingy to me.  Just in the last month of her being in dance class and Sunbeams I've seen her come out of her shell a little bit and she has actually tried to make friends at the park and talk to other little kids on her own.  I've been really proud of her.  Her Sunbeams teacher is great and Piper always comes home happy.  I'm relieved.  I really thought it was going to be a hard transition for her but it really hasn't.

One week I had to take the boys with me to Piper's dance class because Mike had a meeting.  The place where she has her class had a jar full of chocolate coins in a jar for a guessing contest.  I didn't think anything about it but Will insisted we enter Piper.  We guessed 200 and later that week I got a call saying Piper had won.  I thought the prize was going to be the jar of candy but instead it was this gigantic pink pig!  Piper was so happy to bring home her pig and it didn't leave her side for days.  It was so funny to watch her on the trampoline with her pig.

Piper has also been very interested in "cooking" lately.  She always wants to help me and I try to be patient having her there by me but some times it is so obnoxious.  More often than not I turn my back and within minutes she has emptied a drawer and dirtied everything with flour or sugar.  She says, "I'm practicing cooking!"  She is such a messy girl.

I love this girl so much.  She makes me so happy and I'm so glad that we were able to have another girl.  She brings such a soft, loving side out in each of us.

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