Monday, March 28, 2016

Impromptu Photoshoot

Because it was cloudy and perfect lighting outside yesterday and I was already taking pictures of Eli, I decided to do a quick photo shoot of the other kids as well.  They were all good sports.  Isaac doesn't smile naturally for photos so it took some work to make him laugh.  I got some good ones with his natural smile and some where he was mid-laugh and I loved those because they were happy pictures of him.  Will is self-conscience about his teeth right now so he didn't want to smile with his mouth open.  I got one good one with a real smile and the others were kid of half smiles but I figure since he is already chill and calm, a calm, relaxed smile fits who he is.  Then there was Piper and her smile was more of a sneaky, "I'm up to something" smile but she is just so cute.  Mike and I don't usually appear in photos together so we had Will snap one and I think we will use that as our profile picture for our Etsy shop since we don't have one of us together.

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