Monday, March 28, 2016


Easter day was a peaceful day for us.  We had early church and then spent the rest of the day home with each other.  Mike didn't have early meetings so he was home that morning to help get kids ready.  For dinner we had a quiet family dinner.  Our decorations were simple--our Eastertivity Plaque, a picture of Laila, and a bird's nest.  On the plates I put a tulip and a tag with quotes from the scriptures or from The Living Christ.  Our Relief Society memorized it last year when I was in the Presidency and I wanted the kids to work on it too so last year we started memorizing it.  We haven't worked on it every night or every week so it is coming slowly but we have half of it memorized.  For dinner we had ham, yummy potatoes, rolls, asparagus, devilled eggs, and a fruity drink.  I hadn't planned on making a dessert but decided last minute to throw something together.  I remembered that I had jam, cream cheese, chocolate chips, and a brownie mix so I made Isaac's favorite dessert--Raspberry Chocolate Brownies.  After dinner the kids got their journals and we watched the Easter videos the church put out again this year.  We had the kids write about their feelings about the videos, Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection.  After, we read the account of Christ's resurrection and then sent the kiddos to bed.  It was a nice, quiet day.

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