Friday, January 08, 2016

Who needs a farm anyway?

After living on a farm for part of my life, I have always loved the idea of having some land where the kids can climb trees, explore, and just be kids!  We searched for a place with land in Tennessee and couldn't find what we were hoping for in the price range we wanted so we settled on a house in a subdivision with a great big yard and a forest right behind the house.  While I am still hoping to find a house with some land some day, I think we can be happy where we are.  The boys opened gifts for Christmas that included paintballs, sling shots, and a dart gun.  Also, Mike was super excited to get the boys the book Backyard Ballistics and they already have big plans of things to build with Mike such as potato guns and rockets.  So, I guess we don't live on a farm but our kids still get to enjoy some pretty fun things outside and as long as our HOA doesn't kick us out, we will keep taking advantage of our big backyard and forest.  (P.S.  The fence is going.  It's rotten and sections of the fence have already fallen off.  So, while the splattered paint looks pretty white trash on the fence, it won't be there for long.  Also, it's washable, and it rains a lot here....)

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The Duke said...

There are so many fun things to do at your house!