Sunday, December 13, 2015

More Christmas Books

This week our Christmas activities included:

1.  The Littlest Elf:  We had a hot chocolate bar.

2.  Santa's Suit:  We went to the zoo and visited Santa!  I have two littles that believe in Santa.  It was the cutest thing to have Eli bring his list with him to read to Santa.  I love his sweet believing heart and wish I could keep it innocent for as long as possible.  Piper was completely interested in seeing Santa until the little boy right in front of her freaked out and screamed bloody murder and then suddenly she became very concerned about seeing Santa.  She went up to him with Mike but you can see from the picture that she had a look of terror on her face.  After we left she said, "I forgot to ask Santa for a horsey eating a pink strawberry!"  ;)  After seeing Santa we went and saw some of the animals before we had to come home for lunch and more school.

3.  Aliens love Panta Claus:  Our tradition with this book is to gift the boys some underwear and or socks.  This year they needed some cool socks to play basketball in.  I also got Piper and Eli socks but didn't get a picture with them.  

4.  Snowmen at Christmas:  We had basketball practice three nights this week so I had to have some quick dinners/activities.  We read Snowmen at Christmas and then had a Snowman themed dinner.  

5.  The Christmas Penguin:  For Family Home Evening we wrote letters to the two Uncles that are on their missions and Great Grandma Richards and Brother and Sister Roe (Isaac's teacher who moved to Florida).  This activity didn't really go along with the book too much other than the fact that the first part of the book talks about the penguin who writes a letter to Santa.  

6.  Humphrey's First Christmas:  Last week in Nursery we made these little stained glass nativities.  I had prepared some construction paper nativity silhouettes and then put contact paper on the back.  I cut little tissue paper pieces and the kids just had to stick them to the contact paper.  When they were done it looked like stained glass.  It was super easy for the kids.  Piper was sick last week and didn't get to make the craft so this morning before church I pulled out the extra supplies and let the boys and Piper make some.  It only took a few minutes and was obviously more for Piper than the boys.  

It's been a good week.  I like that our activities this week have been easy and taken very minimal planning on my part.  I actually don't know what we are doing this coming week so I better get those books out and figure it out!  The boys have begged to do Secret Santa again so I think that will be one of our activities.  

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