Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A hot birthday

Piper was sick this year on her birthday.  :(  She got sick on Sunday night.  I had a sore throat and Isaac was coughing so we skipped church and then Piper got sick later that night.  She has had a fever since then.  On Monday night she woke up with a fever of 103.7.  I had thought it was just a cold until her fever spiked so high.  Her fever went down but I called the doctor the next day and they said to bring her in.  They swabbed her mouth for strep (negative), checked her ears (negative), and swabbed her nose for the flu (negative).  When they did the flu swab she cried and cried and said, "I don't like the doctor on my birthday!  But I am still happy because it is my birthday."  She is such a sweet girl.  I felt so sad for her to be sick on her birthday.

I bought pink balloons for her because she loves pink and balloons.  We opened presents and she was pleased with everything she got.  She told grandma she wanted unicorns and mice.  Grandma got her unicorn/horse magnets, a unicorn pillow, and three stuffed mice.  Ha, ha.  Later that night we had friends over for dinner and we forced them to sing happy birthday to Piper with us.  She was so happy and embarrassed.  She smiled and hid her eyes from all of us.

Piper is seriously the best.  She loves Minnie Mouse.  She also loves mice (I don't know why) and loves to pretend to be a kitty.  She regularly calls me Momma kitty and if you call her Piper she says, "I'm not Piper.  I'm Baby Kitty.  Meow.  Meow."  Piper loves ice cream as well as eggs with ketchup.  She also loves cheese but mainly cheddar cheese.  She is a huge fan of blueberries, well, most berries but blueberries are her favorite.  She is not a great eater but we are working on that.  Piper loves to have her hair done.  She loves to have me braid her hair and then she shakes her head back and forth and giggles when the braids hit her in the face.  She loves all things girly.  One of her favorite things to do is have her nails done but she calls them her "pony nails."  She insists on leaving the house only after grabbing one of her five purses.  They are filled with treasures of toys, leaves, rocks, sticks, and other random things she finds around the house.

She is very interesting in doing "homework" and will ask me every day to do Starfall with her or to help her with her "Spanish" or "English."  She loves, loves to draw and paint.  Her little people have eyes and big, long eyelashes, dresses and mouths. I love to hear her sing from her seat in the van and always laugh when she says, "Mom, your music is cheesy" or "Mom, can you change this creepy song?"  Ha, ha.  Piper has a little bit of social anxiety but when she warms up or when she is in a comfortable environment she is not afraid of anything!  She is definitely growing up with big brothers!  She is rough and tumble and brave but also girly and sweet.

I could write about Piper all day long.  She is such a fun little girl.  With her sick I just want to sit and play with her beautiful curls and hold her.  She makes us all so happy and we love all the spunk she adds to our family.

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