Thursday, November 12, 2015


These pictures make me supremely happy.
I have a picture of me when I was the same age sitting on my Grandma Clark's lap with her kissing my cheek and I'm in a turtle-neck and have pig-tails in my hair.  I look just like Piper in that picture, minus the red hair.  

Piper asked if I would give her a bath and I told her I didn't have time to give her a bath and she would have to wait.  Then she asked for blueberries.  Weasel child.  She knew if she got "blue enough" she would get a bath.

I had to paint something for an order so I set up a table in the sun (it's been raining a lot this month) and Piper had to paint with me.  She pretty much pesters me to let her paint every day.  

I like her.

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The Duke said...

Top picture is only missing one thing. This grandma so she could sit on my lap and you could take that picture! She's pretty darn cute.