Sunday, November 08, 2015


This year our family went to two different pumpkin patches.  We went the first time with some friends and got rained out.  We showed up and within fifteen minutes it was raining so hard that they shooed us out of the pumpkin patch and closed down for the night.  They gave us tickets so we could get back in another day so we went the following week with the same friends.  It was the perfect evening and weather and the kids had a great time.  We got to the actually pumpkin patch at dark and the kids ended up choosing a rotten pumpkin and only realized it when we got home and saw it in the light.  That was the only bad part of our night though.  

We also went to a different pumpkin patch with a group of LDS homeschooling families in Knoxville.  I really wanted the kids to get to know some of the other kids in the area that homeschool.  There ended up being a lot of girls but not a lot of boys.  I think the boys still had a great time but I'm hoping our next homeschool field trip will have more boys.  The group is trying to start up a homeschool co-op and I'm hoping it will work out because as a Mormon we are not allowed to join very many of the co-ops in the area.  There is one group I've heard of that we can join but I also heard it isn't very organized.  Anyway, we had a great time on our field trip and enjoyed meeting some new friends.  I was thankful that we knew a few of the families from our ward and stake.

Halloween was fun this year.  Our normal Trunk-or-Treat is held on a family farm with a hay ride and fire pit and yummy chili.  This year we were rained out from that as well.  (I am seeing a common theme here...)  We rescheduled for later in the week when the rain finally stopped and had to hold it at the church instead because it was too muddy.  I decided last minute to dress up as a "Smartie Pants."  The kids thought it was hilarious.  On Halloween night we had two families come to our house for hot chocolate before we went trick-or-treating.  Our neighborhood is one of the main neighborhoods people come to for trick-or-treating because it is one of the few neighborhoods with sidewalks and also because we live in a pretty rural area.  It was a nice, crisp evening and the kids had a great time. Piper knew immediately what she wanted to be (Minnie Mouse) and was so excited when her costume arrived.  The boys all wanted to be something scary and gruesome but Eli and Isaac changed their minds when they decided being Mindcraft characters would be fun.  

It's crazy to me that October is over now and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving already.  Before we know it Christmas will be here.  The weather is starting to get cold finally and it has been raining a lot and cloudy as well.  I think it is raining a few days this week as well so I might have to pull out my sun lamp soon.  I like the rain, just not all the time.  

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