Friday, September 18, 2015

My boys

Mike told me that he was going to sit the boys down and tell them they needed to pull more weight around the house and that they would have to start folding their own clothes from now on.  I was feeling hesitant about it and told Mike I felt like we were already asking a lot from the boys.  The boys have regular chores.  We have them take turns each week doing vacuuming (their room, the bonus room, and the hallway), taking out the garbage in the house, and cleaning their own bathroom.  They also have to clean their room and the bonus room every day.  Each evening they have to rotate between cleaning out the dishwasher, setting the table, and clearing off the table after dinner.  The older boys also mow the lawn and we often have them help us with outside chores like pulling weeds and watering the garden.  Mike, however, felt that we could ask them to do more and truthfully, I could use the help.  I am falling behind in my house chores and feeling like I have a lot on my plate.  After we talked I got in the shower and unbeknownst to me, Mike sat the boys down and told them I was needing more help and we needed them to start folding laundry.  I heard a knock on the bathroom door and Will said that Dad had asked them to start folding laundry.  I expected him to follow his statement up with some kind of complaint but instead he said, "Mom, it was an answer to my prayer!  I was praying last night that I would know how to help you so you weren't so overworked and stressed and now Dad told us the very thing I can do to help!"

I am not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful son but I feel so thankful for the way he thinks about me and wants to make my life easier and happier.  The other boys have never once said any complaint to me either.  They have just happily and willingly accepted more work.  It makes me so happy to know that Mike and my boys take such good care of me.  I'm a lucky girl

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