Saturday, July 18, 2015

Baking Bootcamp

In my fifth year of college when I was failing the entry level math class for the third time, I began wondering if a college degree was really the thing for me.  Sheer stubbornness and determination (maybe just by a miracle?) got me through college and I graduated with my degree after six years.  I worked no less than 20 hrs most years and 36 the last year while taking 12-15 credits a semester.  There were times when I really wondered if it was worth it.  That fifth year was a year of decisions for me.  At one point I began thinking of other options and culinary school went through my mind.  BYU did not have a culinary program but UVU (then UVSC) did.  I briefly considered leaving BYU behind and trying to get into the culinary program at UVU.  It was expensive, had a super long waiting list, and my cooking experience was limited.  I couldn't really take the thought seriously as I'd already suffered through five years of college at BYU.  I decided that I really needed to plow through and get my degree.  I'm really happy I stuck with it and my degree is one of my most treasured accomplishments.

12  years later Mike encouraged me to take some baking classes on campus.  It has been an awesome experience!  It took some pressuring on Mike's part and the part of my friend but I decided to take the class.  I was nervous to take the class initially because it was expensive, a lot of long Saturday's, and I am not a baker!  The class was every Saturday for six weeks from 9:30-3:30.  I missed a couple of classes because of vacation but I made them up with a few night classes (not as intense or as long as the Saturday classes).  Today was our final day.  Our families came and we provided a huge spread of desserts.

I am actually really sad it's over.  I met some pretty fun people and while I still wouldn't call myself a baker, I have way more confidence now in making some pretty delicious desserts. It was totally worth the time and money and I'm so glad Mike challenges me to try new things.

 Now all I need is someone to make all these treats for so that I don't have to eat them all!

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Papa Doc said...

I can't tell you how impressive these look. I'm sure they tasted as good as they look. I really am impressed! (This is Mom, not Dad. I'm too lazy to sign out and sign back in.)