Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer so far

The first full week of summer break is underway.  Mostly, the kids want to be at the pool every single day.  We go whenever I have time but my house is suffering because we'd rather be swimming than cleaning.  Mike made a schedule for the boys to fill their time with reading, math, chores, piano practice, scripture reading, etc.  This week Eli has been taking swimming lessons.  He loved it and he's a better swimmer than I thought.  Next week the older boys have a Minecraft Mod camp at UT campus and then as soon as they get home they have to head to twilight camp for scouts each night.  It will be busy for them that week.  This first picture is random.  Mike is helping me format a cook book so my recipes are more organized and I thought it would look better if I had pictures of some of the food we eat.  This week we ate Honey Garlic Chicken.  It's delicious and easy to make.  I love crockpot meals.  
 Ammon graduated yesterday and since I couldn't be there to celebrate with everyone we did our own celebrating by going to get ice cream at Twisters, the drive-in on the corner by our house.

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The Duke said...

Ok, these are just cute pictures. The one of Piper and her glasses made me laugh out loud. And how did you take the picture of Eli? Is he jumping into the pool? It's a great picture! Looks like you are all having a lot of fun.