Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pictures of our week

The school year is over.  It was kind of a let down this year.  I have a lot to write about and explain as far as school goes but not enough time right now to say much about it so for now I'll just say that it is over and we are enjoying summer.  I have a bunch of photos and it's late so I can't say too much about them.  
1.  This girl.  She is so cute.  She's been going in the potty about once a day now.  I am not pushing her, just ask her if she wants to sit on the potty and if she does then great!  Some times she wants to and other times she doesn't.  She is on the right track.  She is adorable and mostly such an obedient little girl and only some times tries to see how far she can push us.  She is loving having her brothers home now.  

2.  All three boys got awards at the school awards assembly.  I couldn't get Eli to smile.  He says he did but I have the pictures to prove that he doesn't really know how to smile.  This is the best I got.  All three boys got awards for being on the honor roll all year and also for citizenship.  

3.  I'm still trudging along in the weight loss department.  I also have a lot of thoughts on this but won't take the time right now to write very much.  I've lost a pant size and I'm working on the next pant size.  It's coming but slowly.  Partly, I don't mind slowly because I think that is what I need to make it stick and partly I hate slowly because I'm impatient and want to be thin already.  I'm finding snacks and foods we all enjoy that are healthier for us.  The boys love these dark chocolate strawberry muffins.  
4.  Our garden is somewhat frustrating.  We have a lot of tomatoes, a pepper plant, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley, a blueberry bush, one cantaloupe plant, a strawberry plant, and a watermelon.  We also have a grape vine and Isaac just plated some corn from a scout meeting and we will see how that grows.  The birds, bugs, and bunnies have been having fun with our plants.  Also, I'm not certain about the soil and it looks like all the leaves are starting to rust.  I'm not sure what is going on.  Everything seems to be growing well so far but I'm worried it's going to be a losing battle.  We finally got smart and covered our strawberry plant with the lid to the fire pit.  It seems to be working great at keeping the bunny stumped.
5.  I've been doing Yoga.  I used to think yoga was a non-exercise.  It was always boring and felt like it was doing nothing for me.  In my pursuit to be healthier and not just lose weight, I've picked up yoga and I actually love it.  I've actually made all of the family do it with me from time to time.  I especially like to do it before bed so I can relax and let go of the stress of the day or the morning because I really enjoy going out to my deck and doing yoga while I listen to the birds chirping and look at the view in my backyard.  It's cool.

6.  We are having fun summer days and nights so far.  The kids have been having pillow fights with Piper on the trampoline.  They let her hit them and then pretend that she hits them hard enough to knock them over.  We've had tin foil dinners, S'mores, swimming almost every day, park dates with friends, etc.

7.  Things are still growing like crazy.  I am currently enjoying the Lilies along the fence and waiting for the Hydrangea to start growing.  Also, the honeysuckle from the woods behind the house is pretty cool.  You can't see it very well in the picture but it's so fragrant and pretty.

8.  This little guy hung out on my deck for a while on Saturday.  He had a friend with beautiful black wings and I tried to get him too but he was too busy flying around and checking things out while this one just calmly sat near me.  I thought he was pretty beautiful and I was grateful he let me take his picture. 

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