Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dollywood and the Nursery

Our family went to Dollywood this past week.  It was a long, fun day.  I have only been on two roller coasters, both at Lagoon in Utah.  That was way back when I was a Senior in high school.  When we lived in Colorado we went to The North Pole and they don't have roller coasters but they have a bunch of rides.  I got queasy on those rides.  Mike, on the other hand,  has gone on a lot of roller coasters in his lifetime and always enjoyed them but now as an adult he hates them because always wants to throw up.  The day was so much fun.  We went with some friends and took turns going on the rides with the kids.  I didn't get very many pictures but I got a few to prove we were there.  Piper and her little friend got to ride on a couple of little rides and then they mostly played while the boys went on the rides.  The rides freaked me out and I mostly just kept my eyes closed on all of them but I went on them!!  Mike got sick after the first roller coaster so I had to ride the others with the boys.  I'm glad I did it even if they did make me want to wet my pants.  Will and Eli wanted to ride the rides over and over and thankfully, my friend is like a little kid and was more than willing to go with them multiple times.

The other news is that the Relief Society Presidency was released on Sunday which means I was released as Second Counselor.  I wasn't in the calling long and I have mixed emotions about being released.  I feel like I was just barely getting the hang of the calling and we were just starting to feel really united as a presidency when we got released but if I'm being completely honest, I didn't love the calling.  It was hard for me for various reasons.  I feel sad that I was just starting to like the calling and then got release before I could really embrace it.  I do feel however, so grateful to have had the chance to work with the women I worked with.  I feel as though I have learned so much from them and grown by working with them for those few short months (just six!).  Now my calling is Nursery leader.  I know that a lot of people think, "Poor sucker!"  I am not one of those individuals.  Perhaps my experience as the Primary President in Oklahoma taught me how important Nursery is.  That ward could not get anyone to humbly accept the calling to work in the Nursery and the Nursery was dissolved.  It caused me a lot of frustration and anger.  I could go on but I won't.  I guess I just feel sad that so many people do not see the importance of Nursery.

I was thinking about this calling and one of the little girls came to my mind.  Her mom is a convert as is her uncle and Grandpa.  They are new converts (well, the Mom is) and I thought about how this little girl is just learning the gospel along with her family.  Besides what they are learning at home, I get to be the first real influence on introducing her to the Gospel and teaching her about Jesus Christ and God.  She is the first generation of that family to be growing up in the church and I have the chance to influence her life.  She isn't going to remember me or Nursery, most likely, but she will hopefully be started on a path of faith and feeling that she is loved by God.  It is quite humbling actually to think about.

The Nursery in this ward is small--just five girls.  One girl is moving soon, and then it will be Piper, her little friend Hayley and the girl I mentioned above.  Along with these three girls is a girl named Mae.  She has multiple disabilities and is blind.  Even though the group is small, they are all either an only child or the youngest child and then adding Mae makes it a kind of crazy group.  I think if we can get someone help with Mae it will be easier but for the time being, it's just me and whatever sub I can find each week to help me.  I hope we can find someone willing to work in the Nursery with me.  It's a great place be and we will have tons of fun!  Playdough!  Bubbles!  Songs!  Snacks!  Toys!  Who wouldn't want to be in there?!  ;)

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Jen said...

Have fun in your new calling. My kids have had great nursery leaders and it has been so great for them to go each week to leaders who love them and are excited to see them. Those little girls are lucky to have you!