Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Mom wanted to see some progress I'm making in my house upstairs.  I'm looking at some of these pictures and think, "Oh, that isn't centered" or "those look really small in that spot" etc.  Oh well.  I really haven ever felt that I was a great decorator.  It's a work in progress.  Also, I am posting these here because it seems like the easiest way to post them but I didn't do much clean up in any of these rooms before I took the pictures, as proof by the boy's room.  It is a disaster.  They have to clean it every day and yet it seems to still be just as dirty the next morning.  Also, they are responsible for the bonus room and that isn't very clean yet either.  It looks like I didn't get a full picture of the bonus room but that's fine.  It just is one big room with toys and the xbox on one side, a big long desk for when we homeschool on the other side and a reading nook.  I also didn't take a picture of my master bath and the craft/guest room.  The guest room is beyond help right now.  I am hoping to tackle it this next month.  I have one and a half walls painted and that is about it.  It is going to be a pain in the butt.  There you go, some of my progress.  It's coming along and just when I finally get things the way I want them it will be time to move again.

 Piper used to have a butterfly mobile above her bed in this corner but it scares her at night so we took it out.

 These shelves need a lot of work.  I need some good colors and prints to add there.
 This side of the room is such a modge podge of things.  I've been trying for years to get rid of this black dresser.  I'm on the lookout for something to replace it with but until I find it it's just sitting in the middle of our room...Also, I made a Laurel wreath R and hung it above the desk but it sold so now I have to make a new one.
 I had painted this mailbox but the paint had all been scraped off so I just cleaned it up and put some white vinyl on it instead.

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The Duke said...

You have some really great ideas in your rooms. I like it all. I love the color of your bedroom. It is similar to the color in mine. However, you are far ahead of me. Last night Jim finally hung a darling jewelry thing on the wall that Chelsey made me. Nothing else is on my wall - a whole year later. I'm impressed at all the work you have done.