Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If freckles were kisses, he'd have a lot more

 What a happy day today is.  I can't help but love today because it is the day we celebrate Eli's birthday!  I just love this kid so much.  He bring so much joy to our home.  He has the best laughs ever.  He is kind and helpful.  He is a fun big brother and a good little brother.  He loves his brothers and loves Piper.  Eli is a little bit of a tormentor too, he can dish out some teasing to Piper that leaves her in tears.  Eli loves to color and draw.  He draws a new picture every night before bed.  His dresser is covered in papers, markers, crayons, and pencils.  He is quite artistic.  I love to find his artwork slid under my door on my pillow or taped to my mirror.  He also loves to be outside.  He loves to explore the woods behind the house and find big sticks and rocks.  Eli is brave.  His brothers sometimes get worried about things but Eli is the one of the three that lets them know things will be fine with his calm demeanor during scaring situations.  He isn't really a calm kid--if you know Eli you know that he is passionate and has a lot of strong feelings--but for some reason when it comes to being brave, he knows how to stay relaxed and calmly tackle the situation.  Eli has not always loved to read.  He really didn't have a desire to read at all so learning to read has come slowly for him but all the sudden his reading has just taken off.  He is so proud of himself for reading his very first chapter book all by himself!  He even asked his Richards Grandparents if they would buy him some Magic Treehouse books for his birthday!  I love to see his interest in reading finally grow.  Eli is a whiz at Math.  He can fly through his problems with no help from anyone.  Eli is still working on the piano and even though he doesn't love to practice he does it without complaint and is making improvements.

Did I already mention that I love this boy?!  Recently he sat down on the kitchen table bench with a loud sigh and told me he wished he didn't have freckles.  He said, "One day I'm going to be one big huge freckle because they just keep coming and coming.  I'll have nothing left on my face but freckles.  I hate them."  It made me so sad to hear him tell me he was unhappy with his appearance.  I love Eli's freckles.  I told him each freckle was a kiss mark from me.  Every time I kissed him he'd get a new freckle.  I don't think that made him feel better.

My Eli is seven today.  He is growing up.  I hate having my kids grow up.  One day Eli is going to be such a wonderful young man and I'm so excited to see what his future holds.

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Jess Clark said...

Abby has freckles and Austin is getting them as he gets older. Sign of beauty!