Saturday, April 18, 2015

Carolyn Roe

 I've written briefly about Sister Roe before on the blog.  She is Isaac's teacher at church.  Or, I should say she WAS Isaac's teacher at church.  We got an email a couple of weeks ago saying that she and her husband were moving to Florida.  My heart dropped when I got the news.  Isaac is not one of my children to freely talk about his feelings but I know he loves Sister Roe.  She has left such an impression on him and has helped his testimony to grow and has challenged him to be better.  She has supported him at his basketball games, came to his baptism when he had only been in her class one week, sent him cards on every holiday, and just been such a good teacher.

What I love about Sister Roe is that she made each of the kids in her class feel that way--a big class full of just boys!  At her age she didn't say she was too old to teach these boys and that they were too rambunctious for her or that she didn't have anything to offer them or that she had already raised her boys and didn't want to be in Primary with this crazy group of kids.  She accepted the calling willingly and magnified her calling.  She loved each and every one of them!  Sister Roe has touched a lot of people in the ward with her kindness and compassion and everyone was sad to see her move.

I have the lucky opportunity to be over Compassionate Service in my calling and when I found out the Roe's needed lunch the day they moved I put in my request to take them a meal.  I busted Isaac out of school for a couple of hours and we drove to the Roe's house to deliver the meal and let Isaac say one last goodbye.  He had cried for a couple of days in a row when we talked about Sister Roe moving but he was composed when he saw her.  She walked us around her beloved yard, showing where her fruit trees were and the flowers she had so lovingly planted.  She was sad to leave.  When we said goodbye Isaac gave her a hug and then got in the van and then, while I buckled Piper in, he got out and came back around to hug her again.

As we drove away he was very quiet and I said, "Isaac, I'm sorry that you have to say goodbye to people you love so often."  So many good people come in and out of his life and it makes me sad.  But also, he has been blessed to have so many good people in his life!  I know Heavenly Father loves him and gives him the chance to be blessed by good individuals being placed in his life to support and love him.  He doesn't get to see his grandparents very often and I think Sister Roe filled that spot in his heart while she was here.

Sister Roe sent me a text once she got to Florida that said, "A special thanks to Isaac for his special goodbye hug...I brought that with me.  Gives me great comfort.  Love to all."

Thank you Sister Roe for being such a great example to me and for loving my son and letting him love you.

 (I had to take a picture of her gorgeous view.  I would be sad to leave this too!)

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